So Richard Duardo (currently featured in Juxtapoz Magazine) came into my class earlier. Showed a couple of prints that he had, including one by Shepard Fairey. He also showed us a bunch of his own stuff. Honestly so amazing. After he was done talking, he looked to me and asked me if he could see some of my prints.. I was literally shaking. Hahah. But he said they were beautiful and well executed :) He then asked what my ethnicity was because he said I look irish and english (im mexican haha) and then asked for my name. He told me i had a very unique look and then took a picture of me ^_^. Omg such a great day.

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Posted on February 23rd at 4:43 PM
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  1. mybeardgrowsthroughyourknows said: Totally hitting on you.
  2. vincenotvincent said: You’re Mexican?
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